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 Maxi-Single of ONE-WAY 

* One-Way 

* One-Way (radio edit) 

* One-Way (Nick McCabe edit)

* Bonus Tracks 

MKH Maxi-Single CD (shipping in Sept)

  • First let me say thank you to all the fans!  Releasing Michael's music independently is turning out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made.  The positive response has exceeded any expectations I could have imagined.  

    One of the tenets Boss Sonics is built on is to listen to the fans and give you a voice  in the decisions we make.  With that said, many of you have requested we do a CD,  so here it is!!

     The CD Maxi-Single will feature One-Way (album version). One-Way (radio edit), a Nick McCabe version and some really cool bonus tracks.

    A little back story:  I reached out to Nick McCabe, the original guitarist of the Verve, when I was putting the finishing touches on One-Way.

    We were all at Real World StudiosThe Verve  was rehearsing when we were recording some of the solo material for the Michael Hutchence album. 

    I do know one thing...Michael was a fan of the band and he would have been very pleased that Nick played on the record.  Specifically, the Kashmir inspired middle 8 was in need of a little extra juice and Nick came through with the icing if you like.  This version was mixed by Mixer / Producer Adam Whitaker (Doves/ EverGreen and The Damned)

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